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Lawyer Fees

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Benmor Family Law Group

The hourly rate for each member of Benmor Family Law Group is as follows:

Steven Benmor (principal lawyer)

- $525/hour

Cris Lam (senior law clerk)

- $275/hour

Marigona Binakaj (legal assistant)

- $225/hour

Divorce is emotionally and financially exhausting. No person plans for the day that they need to pay a lawyer to help them separate. But when that day comes, they need a lawyer who they can trust. Steve Benmor treats his clients with empathy, respect and dignity. Mr. Benmor takes great care to help his clients achieve a speedy, inexpensive and fair settlement. Because Mr. Benmor believes that a lawyer/client relationship is built on trust, confidence and respect, his clients know his fees and are not surprised by their charges.

Each new case requires a trust deposit of $5,000 or more, which remains in the firm trust account as a security deposit until the final account is issued at the end of the case.

Fees and disbursements are due and payable within 30 days of each invoice.

Harmonized Sales Tax (13%) is charged on all fees and disbursements.