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How To Start The Divorce Process in Ontario During Covid-19

By | - July 22, 2020

Steve Benmor is a recognized divorce lawyer, family mediator, arbitrator, speaker, writer and educator. Mr. Benmor has worked as lead counsel in many divorce trials, held many leadership positions in the legal community and has been regularly interviewed on television, radio and in newspapers as an expert in Family Law.

It’s never a good time to get a divorce, but divorcing during a global pandemic has its added challenges. But there are many steps that can be taken to move you into the next chapter of your life, despite the pandemic. 

First of all, quarantines, self-isolation and physical distancing have provided the opportunity to self-reflect and think about what you want your life to be, both for you and for your children. All of this private time has afforded you the opportunity to think about your past life, your existing life and what you want your future to be. The global pandemic has also given you the opportunity to discuss your feelings with your family and friends and get feedback from them on what they have witnessed in you and what they hope for you.

That is all to say that the decision to divorce should be one that is made with a clear mind and with a firm resolve.  In the throes of life, while busy with work and children, it is sometimes easy to avoid facing the truth about an unhealthy relationship. So Covid-19 has given you the opportunity to honestly analyze and resolve your future life plans.

Secondly, despite the limitation on business and court operations, divorce lawyers and mediators are ‘essential services’ and remain open to serve separating spouses. Now is a perfect time to research your options online, educate yourself about the various avenues available to you, speak to these professionals, read their reviews and make a decision as to who you would like to work with in order to help you get through this stage of your life.

The financial elements of a divorce tend to be very paper heavy. Whether you hire a lawyer or mediator or both, you will need to collect all of your financial records including tax returns, bank statements, pension statements, investment statements, and proof of all of your assets and debts on the date of marriage and the date of separation. Divorce and divorce professionals are admittedly expensive, but if you collect and organize all of these records, it will lead to a significant reduction in your overall cost of divorce. So take advantage of your time at home right now to collect and assemble these records.

The novel coronavirus has shaken the world and every member of society. Its effects have been devastating. There have been too many deaths, separation of family members, fear and anxiety. Millions of people lost their jobs and are living in a state of financial fear. However, this pandemic has also created an opportunity for people to take stock of their lives and decide what they want the future to be for them and their children. If you have been living in a unhealthy relationship, now is the time to plan the next chapter of your life.

If you want guidance in starting the divorce process and to understand all of your legal options then book a Strategy Session or call us if you have any questions at 416-489-8890.

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