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Steve Benmor

Steve Benmor

Family Lawyer, Mediator & Arbitrator


"You cannot protect your legal rights if you don't know what they are."

If you are separating from your spouse, or are thinking of separating, you probably have many questions about your children, your finances and what actions you need to take.

I offer a preliminary meeting at a cost of

$300 plus tax

where I will answer your questions and give you guidance and direction including:

  • A general overview of your Family law rights, including custody and access to children, child support, spousal support, matrimonial home, property division and divorce.
  • A description of the immediate actions you should take for your protection.
  • An explanation of the various options that are available to you so that you can plan for your separation.

After our meeting, you are under no obligation to retain me as your lawyer. You may decide to do nothing, hire a different lawyer, or retain me. The choice is yours.

This meeting will get you started with legal advice and practical solutions. You will be informed about your rights and obligations. You will know how to protect yourself and your children. You will be ready to move forward.

If you would like to make an appointment, please fill in the form on this page or call me at (416) 489-8890. I would be pleased to meet with you.


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