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Jessie Abramson

Law Student


Jessie Abramson

Jessie Abramson is a law student at York University’s Faculty of Law at Osgoode Hall where she is working towards her Juris Doctor.

Jessie received her Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Spanish from Dalhousie University, before joining Benmor Family Law Group.

Jessie brings a deep understanding of high conflict relationships, developed in part through her work with Bill Eddy of the High Conflict Institute.

Jessie is passionate about helping parents and spouses through the process of separation and divorce, especially as regards to making choices for the benefit of their children.

In the last decade, Jessie held many leadership roles in the natural food industry and is now pursuing her long held goal of becoming a family law lawyer.

Outside the office, you can find Jessie with her head buried in her books, enjoying the outdoors with her partner and child or eating her way through Toronto’s culinary scene.