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Options Around Changing Parenting Plans

What Happens To The Parenting Plan Over Time?

Parenting Plans are created at a moment in time.  But things change. Children grow older. Your work life changes. You move homes. The children’s needs change.

Parenting Plans need to be updated too. Have Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals guide you on how, when and where to make the changes to your past Parenting Plan.

Innovative Legal Strategies

No situation is the same and the issues that arise can be very complex, so it can become frustrating when deciding what is best for your children while having to disagreements with your ex-partner. A Parent Coordinator (PC) will help you address and resolve these issues on an going basis for several years, creating many cycles of the Parenting Plan.

Experience You Can Count On

Through understanding your needs and new circumstances, along with his 25 years of family law experience, Mr. Benmor will give you sound advice, advocate for you and help you reach a new agreement of order.  Contact us to Book your Session to discuss the need for a new Parenting Plan. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us at 416-489-8890.

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