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After helping thousands of spouses face divorce, Mr. Benmor has learned that one of the greatest resources he can provide is knowledge. “Separating spouses must be empowered through this life-changing event”, says Mr. Benmor. He not only advises and represents his clients, he educates and coaches them through all stages of negotiation, mediation and litigation. Mr. Benmor provides his clients with the latest Family Law Resources, news, literature, events, videos, blogs, links and guides to ensure that his clients make informed and prudent decisions at this most difficult time.

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Notice to Viewer: The content presented in these videos is for informational purposes only and is only applicable in the Province of Ontario. It is not meant to be legal advice. If you require legal advice or legal representation as it relates to your individual circumstances, you are advised to consult with your own lawyer or retain the legal services of Benmor Family Law Group.




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For the High Conflict Divorce, no process can be more effective than private med...

By far, the most expensive type of divorce litigation is the High Conflict Divorce (“HCD”). This is due to a variety of reasons. The HCD is common with spouses who suffer from personality disorder...


Emails as evidence: Snapshots versus Threading

Once upon a time, photographs, video and audio recordings were introduced as evidence to impeach a witness or prove a point.  Lawyers would order surveillance to support their client’s theory o...

Advisor Series

What every real estate professional should know when representing vendors who ar...

If you think that helping a newlywed couple buy a home is emotional, real estate professionals experience double the emotional energy when selling a home due to divorce. In this situation, the pr...


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