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Parenting Time

There once was a time that the terms used after separation to care for children were ‘custody’ and ‘access’.  Times have changed and so have the laws. The focus is on the children’s needs. Decisions need to be made to ensure that their lives are safe, stable and healthy.

There are many important decisions that affect your children’s lives such as education, religion, medical care and extracurricular activities. Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals have the expertise to ensure that the best interests of the children are achieved. Through evaluating, advocating, securing, settling and enforcing agreements, your children’s safety and well-being are at the priority of Mr. Benmor.

Will I Get Custody Of My Children After Separation?

Each family has a different history of parenting.  In some families, both parents were the primary caregivers to the children.  In other families, one parent was more active. In some families, the roles changed over time.  Whatever the history was, it may or may not determine the next stage of parenting. Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals know what questions to ask and what information to use to ensure that the parenting schedule created is the best for your children.

Solutions That Protect You And Your Family

The time of separation is often confusing and stressful.  That is why the clients of Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals prefer to rely on them to guide them through this difficult life stage. He will obtain an understanding of your unique family situation and the specific needs of your children before recommending solutions.

Advice You Can Trust

Decisions you make right now regarding your children will impact your future rights and the final Parenting Plan. Do not allow an innocent mistake to prejudice your rights.  If you have questions regarding your rights to your children, Book your Session now, or call us at 416-489-8890.

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