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Mediator Fees

Fee Mediation

Benmor Family Law Group

All-Inclusive Mediation Fee:

$2,500 per spouse

for mediation with Steve Benmor.

$3,500 per spouse

for co-mediation with Steve Benmor and a social worker-mediator.

$1,500 per spouse per day

for mediation past the first day of mediation

$250 per hour per spouse

for revisions to the Separation Agreement and other post-settlement services

This entire process includes intake sessions with the mediator(s), teleconferences, screening, process design, research, preparation for mediation, review of each spouse’s documents, consultations with the spouses, lawyers and mediators, the first day of mediation, publishing the Memorandum of Understanding and drafting a Separation Agreement.

Fees for legal advice and representation is determined by the spouse’s lawyer (refer to the lawyers listed in the Legal Advice and Representation Roster).

The fee for arbitration is determined by the fellow arbitrator or Mr. Benmor in each case.

Disbursements and HST are additional, which may include:


  • professional supports and expert referrals
  • room rental
  • transcription services
  • printing and photocopies
  • administrative support
  • courier and mailing services
  • telephone, long distance, internet and video-conferencing