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Over 30 years ago, I founded Benmor Family Law Group to help separating spouses settle their affairs and begin the next chapter of their lives with ease.

Through decades of acrimonious court hearings, I witnessed the emotional and financial distress my clients suffered – even when they succeeded at trial.

Recognizing the need for a better solution, I earned my designation as a “Certified Family Mediator” from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, a “Specialist in Parenting Coordination” from The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and became accredited as a Collaborative Family Lawyer.

Please read my Curriculum Vitae to gain a better understanding of my credentials, professional achievements, leadership posts, published papers and successful trial decisions.

As you can see, I am one of Toronto’s 24 Certified Specialists in Family Law, one of Canada’s 56 Fellows of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers and one of very few Canadian lawyers with a Master of Laws in Family Law. 

With my honed ability to efficiently achieve successful divorce settlements, I have helped thousands of families.

I bring unparalleled experience in settling divorce cases for families with significant wealth and assets. 

Family mediation is the least expensive and fastest way to divorce. But when you are hiring a divorce professional, it is critical that you choose the person who not only has the most tools at their disposal, but also the discernment to know which tool to use, and when.

I am one of the only divorce professionals in Canada who is licensed, certified and accredited in all out-of-court divorce options.

Most spouses do not know that in order to mediate high conflict parenting disputes, high net worth divorces or complex financial cases, the mediator requires a sophisticated financial understanding and in-depth knowledge of divorce law, tax law, real estate law, corporate law and trust law - subjects that I have become proficient in after three decades helping separating spouses reach agreements and avoid disagreements over the issues of parenting schedules, support and property division.

I offer all forms of family dispute resolutions services such as mediation, mediation/arbitration, arbitration, collaborative family law, parenting coordination and divorce coaching.

If you are interested in avoiding Divorce Court and coming to a successful settlement through Family Mediation, then call or email my Senior Law Clerk Marigona at 416-489-8890 or marigona@benmor.com to begin the path to a successful divorce settlement.

My hourly rate is $350 per spouse (or $750 per couple) and I will provide an estimate of the time/retainer needed to help you after our first teleconference.

Let me help you reach a speedy and inexpensive settlement for your family so that you can move on with your life.