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Get an Agreement prepared by a Senior Family Lawyer

Do you really need a prenuptial, cohabitation or marriage agreement?

  • It may seem counterintuitive, but the best time to think about breaking up is when you are moving in together or getting married
  • An Agreement provides peace of mind
  • Ontario’s laws regarding support and property division do not only apply to married spouses. If you are getting married or live together and are not married, there could be legal and financial obligations in case of separation
  • You could face a lengthy and expensive legal battle over property and support if you break up without an Agreement

An Agreement provides peace of mind

An Agreement will define what you both want your financial arrangements to be if you decide to separate or stop living together. It can help you pre-determine issues such as:

  • How your property will be divided
  • If spousal support will be paid
  • Who is responsible for debts
  • Who inherits the property in the event of death

An expertly prepared Agreement will help you avoid misunderstandings, conflict, and expensive legal costs if your relationship ends.

When created with professional guidance, an Agreement can help you embark on this new stage of your relationship with clarity, security, and mutual respect.

So whether you’re getting married, buying a home or renting an apartment and sharing expenses, it’s wise to sign an Agreement to protect your assets and income.


a lawyer to do it right

An Agreement prepared by an experienced family law lawyer will ensure that your contract reflects your unique financial relationship, protects your interests, and is legally binding. Using an online DIY Agreement is risky.

Purchase your Agreement expertly prepared by
Steve Benmor,
Senior Ontario Family Law Lawyer

The process will be


You fill out a simple questionnaire, then schedule an appointment for your telephone consultation.


Your personal consultation will allow you to discuss your concerns, get answers to your questions, and receive an agreement that is customized to your needs.


You will avoid the typical mistakes people make when using do-it-yourself prenups, paralegals, or junior lawyers.

Your Agreement includes:
  • Two teleconferences
  • Drafting of a basic Agreement
  • Review and signing of Agreement
  • Additional charges may apply for additional legal services