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The Dynamic Duo of Divorce: 3 Benefits of Working With A Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer

By | - July 10, 2018

At first, some of the clients at Benmor Family Law Group don’t see the necessity of working with a divorce coach. However, they soon see that having these two professionals work together ensures that you create a personalized divorce plan and help you execute your divorce plan in the most efficient and cost-effective way.   

Here are some of the ways that I work with lawyers like Steve Benmor, to help our clients survive and thrive during divorce:

Stay Focused

As a Divorce Coach, I act as sound board for my clients and filter any unnecessary information that may not helpful to the client and lawyer meeting.  Specifically, I help my clients break down those emotional and physical barriers so that they can focus on communicating effectively with their lawyer. Once they have clarity of the issues they want to discuss with their lawyer, they are better able to make informed decisions.

Stay Objective

Lawyers have to remain objective throughout the case and can’t mirror the client’s stress or emotions as it will impact the client and lawyer relationship.   As a Divorce Coach, I manage the client’s expectations so that lawyers can focus on strategies and cost-effective solutions for their clients.  I have often seen clients projecting their fears and anxieties upon their lawyers and expecting their lawyers to act as their therapists.  This can be detrimental to the client-lawyer relationship. As a Divorce Coach, I immediately recognize and tell the client that they should consider speaking with a therapist or counsellor to address their emotional needs because the lawyer’s role is to provide them with legal advice and legal remedies.

Stay Organized & On Budget

My clients often worry about current and future legal fees.  They ask their lawyers for an estimate of what their legal case is going to cost them.  They want to be financially prepared and responsible to ensure that they can support themselves and their children.  They want to keep their legal costs down.  As a Divorce Coach, I assist my clients in creating their “To Do List” or “Agenda” that they provide to their lawyers.  I also help my clients tackle their “homework” given to them by their lawyers. I keep clients organized, provide checklists, resources and ensure my clients are accountable for their own “homework”.    My clients’ then feel empowered and motivated to do as much “homework” on their own with my guidance to reduce their legal fees.   By having a Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer working together, it provides you with an option to take control of your case and contribute as much as can to be cost effective in your divorce case.

It’s time to think outside the box and see the value of having a Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer as part of your legal team.  There is a synergy between a Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer who are ready to navigate the many stages of your divorce.

By working one-on-one with my clients, the lawyers can devote their time and energy in researching cases and developing new strategies to resolve the case

The lawyer will appreciate the role of the Divorce Coach because I am re-directing all of the negative emotions and energy away from them.  By having a Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer working together, this will increase and maintain a healthy client-lawyer relationship for a successful divorce.

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