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Tag Archive: Family Law

It takes a village…

| May 12, 2016

That was the conclusion that Justice Marvin Kurz reached in the case of Torabi v. Patterson, 2016 ONCJ 210 (CanLII) dealing with whether 4 year old Dylan could maintain a... View More

The Carrigan Saga: Quinn finally awarded relief

| March 6, 2017

The Carrigan family’s tour of the courts took them to 2 trials, to the Court of Appeal, to Divisional Court, and to the Supreme Court of Canada, where leave to... View More

Income in family law cases: once imputed, always imputed?

| August 2, 2017

We all know that the Child Support Guidelines provide for an annual calculation of child support so that the payor’s income determines the applicable Table sum for child support each... View More