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Parenting Coordination

Implementing a parenting plan

Parenting Coordination is a service that Mr. Benmor provides to parents after they have settled their divorce.  He helps recently separated parents implement their parenting plan and resolve any misunderstandings or conflicts that arise from the implementation of the plan.

Most people need a Parenting Coordinator in the early stages of their divorce in order to transition from married life to a separated life with the division of parenting responsibilities over their children.

Steve Benmor can help you with the following:

  • Extracurricular activities including camps and after-school programs

  • Vacations and holidays

  • Travel and passports

  • Communication

  • Transitions and exchanges

  • Health care including medical, dental, orthodontic and vision

  • Discipline and child-rearing issues

  • Tutoring and special education

  • Religious observances and religious education

  • Clothing, equipment, and personal possessions

  • New partners and significant others

  • Psycho-Educational testing

  • Psychotherapy and counseling

  • Substance abuse assessment

  • Sexual identity

  • Haircuts, tattoos and piercings

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