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In 2015, The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario awarded Steve Benmor his designation as a Certified Family Mediator. This is in addition to his qualifications as a trial lawyer, a professor of law and a skilled negotiator. With education and training in post-divorce parenting, conflict resolution, family mediation, domestic violence and ethics, Mr. Benmor skillfully assists families through the many stages of separation and divorce. According to Mr. Benmor, “family mediation should be the beginning and end of divorce”.

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Steve Benmor

Certified Family Mediator

Steve Benmor is committed to children and families. He believes that separating spouses need guidance, expertise and compassion. Most importantly, Mr. Benmor knows how important it is to find solutions to the consequences of separation - respectfully, speedily and inexpensively. After decades of helping families through hundreds of court hearings, Mr. Benmor witnessed the emotional and financial distress that his clients suffered – even when they succeeded at trial. Mr. Benmor then began referring his clients to Family Mediation as the better solution for families. Recognizing the delicate skills needed to effectively mediate the consequences of divorce, Mr. Benmor then committed himself to becoming educated, then trained and finally certified as a Family Mediator himself. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario awarded Steve Benmor his designation as a “Certified Family Mediator”.

Certification + Leadership

Certified Family Mediator [ 2015 ]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, Inc.

Chair [ 2013-2015 ]
Executive Member [ 2006-2015 ]

Ontario Bar Association,
Family Law Section

Chair [ 2011-2013 ]
Treasurer [ 2002-2004 ]
Director [ 2002-2013 ]

Access for Parents and
Children of Ontario


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Whether it is Mediation, Arbitration or Mediation/Arbitration, Mr. Benmor initially meets with each spouse separately to understand his/her concerns, hopes and objectives, and conducts screening for power imbalances and to design the settlement process. In Mediation, the spouses together retain Mr. Benmor to help them reach an agreement that they are both comfortable with. Mr. Benmor’s role is not to give a legal opinion or force one spouse to accept the other spouse’s terms. Rather, Mr. Benmor uses the uniqueness of each family and the needs of the children to guide the family to a final settlement.


In Arbitration, Mr. Benmor organizes the process and timetable leading to the hearing. In advance of the hearing, he reads the spouses’ written materials to be best prepared for the hearing day. Then on the hearing day, Mr. Benmor carefully listens to the evidence of each spouse and witness, and then the arguments made by each lawyer. Since arbitration is a formal process conducted under the Arbitration Act, Mr. Benmor is careful to comply with the rules of court and rules of evidence to ensure procedural fairness. The outcome of arbitration is kept confidential. The cost is either shared by the spouses or, if they wish to give Mr. Benmor the power to award costs, he may direct one spouse to pay the other spouse’s costs (of both the arbitration and lawyer).


“Mr. Benmor and his team are amazing. In our first meeting, it was apparent that Mr. Benmor was passionate about what he does and about the people who he represented. His team is thorough, make your case their investment, and most importantly, are a caring group of professionals who really listen to you. His knowledge of family law allows him to provide you your rights and present you with options that other lawyers may not care to offer. We are confident in their abilities to do their best as we work together in this milestone of our lives. As a family, the Benmor Family Law Group has our utmost respect and we are so grateful for their guidance and support during such an emotional and frustrating time in our lives. We would highly recommend Mr. Benmor without hesitation.”

“When I first began my search for a lawyer, I was filled with trepidation, hearing horrible stories from others about dirty tactics used in divorce/custody cases and the harsh emotional cost on the children. As a mother of two young boys, the last thing I wanted was for them to witness a horrible battle between their parents. After meeting Steve Benmor, I knew I had found an advocate who wouldn’t drag my family through that type of chaos. Mr. Benmor and his team treated me with great respect, showing unwavering compassion and empathy for my situation. Throughout my case, Mr. Benmor protected my rights with integrity and stoic determination, supported by his superior knowledge of Family Law. I am so grateful I met Mr. Benmor, and the result is a stable and thriving environment for my children, allowing me to plan for our future with confidence.”

“Mr. Benmor and his team are exceptional Family Law practitioners. Mr. Benmor is incredibly knowledgeable, was always highly prepared and was instrumental in getting me through a very difficult divorce. Mr. Benmor is tenacious in pursuing the best for his clients but ‘fights’ in the right way, trying to keep things civil, focused on the facts and moving forward. In my case, the opposing counsel tried to create acrimony and to drag the process out, but Mr. Benmor was able to keep things on track. In terms of cost, like everyone I know who goes through a divorce, there is a little surprise at how expensive it is, but I found Mr. Benmor’s fees reasonable, particularly given the quality of work he consistently produced. Mr. Benmor did his best to minimize costs without sacrificing the process. For me, it all comes down to the question of whether I would refer a friend. In Mr. Benmor’s case, I would and I have twice. Mr. Benmor is an exceptional lawyer in a difficult area of practice.”

“Mr. Benmor is very knowledgeable and understanding. He always gives great practical advice and is honest with you (even if you’re not ready emotionally to hear it). He is very patient in explaining things until you thoroughly understand them in order to make the best decisions. He is a great lawyer and person. He cares about his clients."

“During my time of great distress, Mr. Benmor was always there to support me and provide insightful legal advice. There were times that I doubted my situation would improve, but Mr. Benmor helped guide the legal process in the right direction. When mediation fell apart, he worked with the opposing counsel to strike an agreement to resume the process. Mr. Benmor works around the clock and is always available to clear any uncertainties on various matters. From my experience, Mr. Benmor has confirmed my research - that he is without a doubt the best in his field. I highly recommend anyone with Family Law issues to consider him to be your attorney.”

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