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“With the outmost gratitude to Benmor Family Law Group, after years of difficult family law issues as a father of two wonderful children, I decided to retain the legal team at Benmor Family Law Group. Not only did I retained my principal lawyer, but what I found was a group of professional individuals working together to keep me informed and to ensure the success of my legal matter. Right from the beginning my principal lawyer and the rest of the staff were very accessible and knowledgeable. They managed both my child protection and domestic case flawlessly. Even with commendation from the presiding judge over their preparation. The impact they have made on my children’s lives and mine is immeasurable. Thank you to the whole firm my family is at peace and thriving.”

“I began my divorce proceedings with a prior lawyer. Several months of communicating through timely and costly emails, I began to feel insecure and uncomfortable with the results of my case. After meeting with Steven Benmor for an initial consultation, I was convinced that switching legal representation was necessary. After just one meeting with Steven Benmor I walked out of his office feeling confident, more informed and hopeful then I had in months. Steven listened to what was important to me and went about accomplishing that as efficiently as possible. Throughout my case he was always quick to respond and made himself available at all times during the day. Steven and his team were always patient in explaining the status, details and developments of my case. I was very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and outcome of my settlement. I would definitely recommend BENMOR FAMILY LAW GROUP to anyone who is in need of a good divorce lawyer.”

“Mr. Benmor and his team are amazing. In our first meeting, it was apparent that Mr. Benmor was passionate about what he does and about the people who he represented. His team is thorough, make your case their investment, and most importantly, are a caring group of professionals who really listen to you. His knowledge of family law allows him to provide you your rights and present you with options that other lawyers may not care to offer. We are confident in their abilities to do their best as we work together in this milestone of our lives. As a family, the Benmor Family Law Group has our utmost respect and we are so grateful for their guidance and support during such an emotional and frustrating time in our lives. We would highly recommend Mr. Benmor without hesitation.”

"In our first meeting with Mr. Benmor and his team, we knew we were in the right place. Our first impression of Mr. Benmor was that he was an honest and reliable lawyer with respect and integrity. We felt an immediate connection with him and his staff. We knew in our hearts and minds that he could represent us and win our case. During our court attendances, Mr. Benmor asked us to proceed with living our lives and not to worry about the case. He was passionate and caring, which made it easier for us to go through this process. With his professionalism, dedication and commitment, we felt valued. He encouraged us not to give up. Once again, we thank Mr. Benmor and his legal team for accepting our case. No words can describe how happy and relieved we are. More power and blessings to Mr. Benmor and the rest of the team."

"When I first began my search for a lawyer, I was filled with trepidation, hearing horrible stories from others about dirty tactics used in divorce/custody cases and the harsh emotional cost on the children. As a mother of two young boys, the last thing I wanted was for them to witness a horrible battle between their parents. After meeting Steve Benmor, I knew I had found an advocate who wouldn’t drag my family through that type of chaos. Mr. Benmor and his team treated me with great respect, showing unwavering compassion and empathy for my situation. Throughout my case, Mr. Benmor protected my rights with integrity and stoic determination, supported by his superior knowledge of Family Law. I am so grateful I met Mr. Benmor, and the result is a stable and thriving environment for my children, allowing me to plan for our future with confidence."

"Mr. Benmor and his team are exceptional Family Law practitioners. Mr. Benmor is incredibly knowledgeable, was always highly prepared and was instrumental in getting me through a very difficult divorce. Mr. Benmor is tenacious in pursuing the best for his clients but ‘fights’ in the right way, trying to keep things civil, focused on the facts and moving forward. In my case, the opposing counsel tried to create acrimony and to drag the process out, but Mr. Benmor was able to keep things on track. In terms of cost, like everyone I know who goes through a divorce, there is a little surprise at how expensive it is, but I found Mr. Benmor’s fees reasonable, particularly given the quality of work he consistently produced. Mr. Benmor did his best to minimize costs without sacrificing the process. For me, it all comes down to the question of whether I would refer a friend. In Mr. Benmor’s case, I would and I have twice. Mr. Benmor is an exceptional lawyer in a difficult area of practice."

“Mr. Benmor is very knowledgeable and understanding. He always gives great practical advice and is honest with you (even if you’re not ready emotionally to hear it). He is very patient in explaining things until you thoroughly understand them in order to make the best decisions. He is a great lawyer and person. He cares about his clients."

“During my time of great distress, Mr. Benmor was always there to support me and provide insightful legal advice. There were times that I doubted my situation would improve, but Mr. Benmor helped guide the legal process in the right direction. When mediation fell apart, he worked with the opposing counsel to strike an agreement to resume the process. Mr. Benmor works around the clock and is always available to clear any uncertainties on various matters. From my experience, Mr. Benmor has confirmed my research - that he is without a doubt the best in his field. I highly recommend anyone with Family Law issues to consider him to be your attorney.”

“I was impressed with the art and mastery Mr. Benmor demonstrated upon working on my case. During the course of actions taken while dealing with my situation, Mr. Benmor demonstrated his exemplary knowledge, professionalism, time management and personalized attention to the case itself, as well as the manner that he treated my case with. All that is greatly admired and appreciated. Mr. Benmor displayed his knowledge, professional wit, ethics and diplomacy that produced a positive outcome to my situation. The extra time and effort Mr. Benmor put in were certainly worthwhile considering the specifics of my case. ”

“I had the pleasure of having Mr. Benmor as my lawyer for several years during an acrimonious divorce and custody battle. My case spanned two provinces and was far from simple. He was very upfront and clear about his terms and fees. He explained my options in all scenarios and was excellent at answering my questions. I come from modest means, and I found Mr. Benmor’s rates competitive with other lawyers with similar experience. It was money well invested. Legal fees are expensive, and Mr. Benmor did what he could to help me settle out of court, but ultimately my case went to trial. His clerks were knowledgeable and helpful. They were prompt in getting back to me and I never felt they wasted my time. There was a lot of paperwork and court dates, but this was expected, and Mr. Benmor did what he could to help me during a difficult and stressful experience. He has maintained contact with me since trial on follow up issues. I highly recommend his services.”

“I had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. Benmor for several years through my lengthy, very complicated divorce case. Mr. Benmor’s knowledge, expertise and experience are beyond impressive. The attention to detail, time management, discipline and professionalism he demonstrated from the beginning of my four year divorce never faded. In fact, he continued to impress me more and more as my case progressed. Mr. Benmor is more than just a great lawyer, he is a great person. His effort and care towards myself and my children was beyond anything I would have expected from a lawyer. I can’t thank Mr. Benmor enough for the way he handled my case, cared for my family, and for the fantastic settlement.”

“For 4 years, I have been represented by Mr. Benmor. A high conflict divorce/custody battle is a difficult time, but I never felt alone. At any time, I could call or email Mr. Benmor and my concerns, fears and questions would be acknowledged and answered promptly. He is not only highly knowledgeable, but is able to see things in a multi-dimensional way. In our meetings, he advised me using different perspectives, created strategic plans and always provided me with choices. He consistently kept my son a priority and his arguments were always child focused. He even suggested ways to cut down costs. He was consistently prepared and organized in court, and would meet with me before to discuss possible outcomes. I was very pleased with the final settlement, and I highly recommend the services of Mr. Benmor to anyone not only seeking brilliant Family Law representation, but also someone who genuinely cares for, and supports, his clients. Thank you !”

“Mr. Benmor and his staff are a great bunch. They treat you with respect and take the time to get to know your case. The atmosphere is kid friendly and welcoming. Benmor Family Law Group have the skills needed to provide you with all the knowledge and options needed for your case. I felt like the staff understood what I was going through and sympathized. The staff empowered me and gave me confidence in dealing with my case. They provided support during trial, which was important for me. They were always available by email or phone and were there to answer any questions I had. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Mr. Benmor without hesitation.”