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Can I move away with the children?

| April 29, 2016

This depends on a number of factors, including the children’s best interests, the current custody and access arrangements between the parents, the wishes of the children, the nature of the... View More

What is a custody/access assessment?

| April 28, 2016

A custody/access assessment is a detailed investigation of a family’s situation by an educated and trained professional such as a social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist. The assessor will collect information... View More

What is “supervised access”?

| April 25, 2016

Sometimes, parents separate because of domestic violence, substance abuse, or because there is significant antagonism between the parents. There are also instances where there has been a lengthy separation between... View More

What is Parental Gatekeeping?

| April 21, 2016

With children being born to parents later in life, mothers working full-time and fathers being actively involved in parenting their children, coupled with a high divorce rate, it is no... View More