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Parental Relocation & Mobility Rights

Parental Relocation

These types of cases typically stem from one parent wanting to relocate to a new city or country, or already having done so.  This can be caused by divorce, remarriage, new employment, or financial reasons such as living with family for free.

Moving away from the other parent causes a severe interruption in the normal relationship between the children and the left behind parent.  Most such parents oppose the request to move for that very reason. When these cases come to court – which is often – judges tend to be perplexed as to what is best for the children.

Understand your Legal Options

The subject of child relocation is challenging as the outcomes are typically binary for the parents. If the moving parent is permitted to do so, then the left behind parent’s relationship with the children is fundamentally curtailed.  If the moving parent is not permitted to do so, he or she is placed in a bind and they must decide either to move without the children or remain in town by foregoing the opportunities of the new place.

There is never a clear answer in such relocation/mobility cases, and so, lawyers, mediators and judges consider all of the factors, but most importantly, the children’s best interest.

Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals have helped many parents wishing to relocate and many left behind parents in relocation/mobility cases just like this.

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