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Read Past Client Reviews Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer or Mediator | Lawyerratingz

By | - October 16, 2023

Steve Benmor is a recognized divorce lawyer, family mediator, arbitrator, speaker, writer and educator. Mr. Benmor has worked as lead counsel in many divorce trials, held many leadership positions in the legal community and has been regularly interviewed on television, radio and in newspapers as an expert in Family Law.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer or Mediator? Read the Experience of Past Clients First On Lawyerratingz

From Rotten Tomatoes to TripAdvisor to Michelin, we rely on past customers’ experiences to avoid disappointment.

We live in a world where we heavily rely on other customers’ past experiences to determine if we wish to purchase products or services from a professional or business. We heavily rely on the volume, consistency, and recency of such reporting.

Customer reviews have become the primary source of opinions that customers rely upon before making a purchase of a product or service. Many online reviews also provide a ranking system. If a potential customer sees many positive reviews, they are more likely to feel confident about that business or professional. Poor reviews allow potential customers to avoid upset, disappointment, and financial losses.

Moviegoers turn to Rotten Tomatoes before selecting what film to watch.

Travellers heavily rely on TripAdvisor before booking hotels, cruises, or tour operators.

The Michelin Guide is the leading authority for identifying the world’s best restaurants.

Rating agencies have become instrumental in differentiating between the businesses to support and the businesses to avoid.

But how do separating spouses know which divorce lawyer or mediator to hire?

Fortunately, for spouses in Canada and the USA, Lawyerratingz has become the go-to source for ensuring that the right choice is made.

Often times, spouses will hire their divorce lawyer or mediator based on a variety of non-scientific factors, such as a referral from a friend, a persuasive website, or a professional’s so-called high profile. However, these factors are generally considered by the emotionally charged client in a desperate situation who, in the moment, lacks objectivity, scrutiny, and clarity.

So when these non-scientific factors are combined with the desperate state of the spouse, the decision to hire a divorce lawyer or mediator can be fraught with significant risk.  After all, most people only go through one divorce in their life, if at all.  The last thing they want is to end up in the hands of a lawyer who will cause them far more damage than benefit, far more conflict with their spouse, and far more cost than needed.

But sadly, this happens every day.


Because separating spouses often do not do their research,

The very same spouses carefully research their travel plans, hotels, restaurants, and movies—matters much less important than their divorce. However, the very same separating spouses do not carry out the same level of due diligence when it comes to hiring their divorce lawyer or mediator and end up facing delays, losing money, and enduring undue conflict.

Is it possible that some of the reviews of restaurants, hotels, and movies are inaccurate?


But is it possible that the many consistent negative reviews are all collectively wrong?


So the next time you, a friend or a colleague are considering hiring a Divorce Lawyer or Mediator, it would be prudent to refer them Lawyerratingz to read what other past clients have experienced with that divorce professional.  That way, they will not be disappointed.  They will not make a poor choice.  They will have avoided undue stress, disappointment, and anxiety.

If you are interested in avoiding Divorce Court and coming to a successful settlement through Family Mediation, then visit the following link https://benmor.com/mediation-more/ and/or contact my Senior Law Clerk Marigona at 416-489-8890 or marigona@benmor.com to begin the path to a successful divorce settlement.

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