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How much support am I entitled to?

How much support am I entitled to? Every case is different.

Divorce lawyers are often asked for a black and white answer to the question of support. Unfortunately, the answer to this question requires a legal analysis that is partly based on the history of the family’s spending patterns, incomes, educational and work life, ages of the spouses and a careful analysis of how the marriage, or the divorce, impacted each spouse and child financially.

Steve Benmor and his team of divorce professionals have been advising clients on support and settling their cases for over 25 years. In addition, Mr. Benmor has been studying the patterns in the law and advising his clients on whether they are entitled to support, and if so, how much and for how long? For child support, whether you are a resident parent, non-resident parent or step-parent, child support is not fixed, but varies from year to year based on factors such as changes in income, changes in the parenting schedule and whether the children are still dependents.

Book your Session now so we can help you with the following:

  • Child Support

  • Spousal support is also known as alimony or maintenance. There are many legal factors which Mr. Benmor can analyze your personal situation and provide you with clear and concise answers so that you can anticipate your future financial situation. At Benmor Family Law Group we can help you with the following:

  • Spousal Support
    • Calculating Spousal Support Payments

    • Increasing or Decreasing Spousal Support

    • Lump Sum Spousal Support

    • Termination of Spousal Support

    • Collecting Support

If you have questions about support, Book your Session to meet Mr. Benmor, call at 416-489-8890 or email Marigona Binakaj, Benmor Family Law Group’s Client Manager, at marigona@benmor.com to ensure that you are well-informed and paying or receiving the right amount in support.

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