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Benmor’s Guide To Money & Divorce

| July 31, 2018

For 25 years, my clients have asked me many different questions regarding the financial consequences of their divorce. Though their questions, I hear their grief and fears.   Over the years,... View More

Why are divorce lawyers so expensive?

| July 17, 2018

How much you pay your divorce lawyer depends on his expertise, experience and seniority.  If the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true, then it should be... View More

The Dynamic Duo of Divorce: 3 Benefits of Working With A Divorce Coach and Divorce Lawyer

| July 10, 2018

At first, some of the clients at Benmor Family Law Group don’t see the necessity of working with a divorce coach. However, they soon see that having these two professionals... View More

How can I protect my assets from divorce in Ontario?

| July 3, 2018

What most people don’t know is that the very act of marriage creates a financial partnership. What that means is that from the date of marriage onwards all assets that... View More

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Ontario?

| June 26, 2018

Divorce is a difficult decision, made even more difficult financial concerns. You probably have many questions about how divorce will impact your finances. In addition to wondering about how your... View More

Be Your Best Self During Divorce

| June 19, 2018

The ‘Best-Self’ technique is one of the many tools that I provide to my clients when they are facing divorce.   Divorce has become a reality for many people.  It can... View More

So You’ve Decided To Separate From Your Spouse. Here Are 10 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help You

| June 12, 2018

In the process of divorce, there are things you just cannot do that your family lawyer can. The first and the most important duty of a family lawyer is to plan the fastest, smoothest... View More

Getting Divorced? Here is How To Prepare For A Meeting With A Family Lawyer

| June 5, 2018

The decision to get a divorce is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. A divorce impacts nearly every part of your life: your marriage, your children,... View More

How to Communicate With Your Divorce Lawyer: Remember The Three T’s

| May 31, 2018

As a Divorce Coach, I help guide my clients through the divorce process on an emotional and practical level. When it comes to practical support, I regularly help my clients... View More

The 5 Things Marriage Counsellors Need To Know About Family Law in Ontario

| April 23, 2018

Marriage Counsellors are the first responders to marital crisis. Spouses who are having a difficult time in their relationship will invariably turn to therapy to resolve their problems. Marriage Counsellors excellent... View More

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